5 Money Questions You Absolutely NEED To Ask Your Partner!

Let's drift a bit into something new - Money and Relationships. Talking money isn't exactly arousing in a relationship, but it's so important. When you meet someone new, asides trying to figure out if you’re physically, emotionally, and spiritually compatible, it is very important to focus on whether or not you’re financially compatible. It is always a... Continue Reading →


What To Know Before Investing in Online Farm Crowdfunding Platforms in Nigeria

Investing in farming, like most forms of investment, can be a really good strategic move and a big risk at the same time. While a lack of agricultural skills, access to farmland, capital commitment, time and the costs of operating or leasing a farm are often substantial enough to keep most people from engaging in... Continue Reading →

How to Invest: A guide… (Part 1)

Figuring out how to invest to set yourself up for financial freedom can sometimes be a real challenge especially when you have the money but no information as to how to go about it. The truth is there's no shortage of information, but gathering it and making informed or right decisions can sometimes be overwhelming. 

Thank You For 10,000 Views!

Hi guys, This is my 27th post and I am dedicating it to you, my beloved readers and followers. Thank you very much for supporting my little blog and thank you for all the encouraging words and comments. One of our goals for the new year should be to save and spend wisely. We need... Continue Reading →

New Year. This is Me.

It’s a no brainer to say this year was wild for most (this conclusion is drawn based on public opinion, personal experience and conversations with close friends). If your experience in 2018 was a pleasant cruise, I am happy for you. The year is almost over with exactly 20 days to go and while some... Continue Reading →

Game of Chicken

Bok. Bok. Social Mammal. A few months ago, I purchased a maxed-out version of the New 2018 Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch with an i9 processor. On the exterior, it is quite similar to the 2016 model which is a lot less expensive. In addition to that, I got a Dbrand Skin in Yellow because... Continue Reading →

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