How To Overcome Financial Stress and Improve Your Finances

The first quarter of the year is gone and it might have been filled with so much financial stress for many of us. This is how to do something about it!


Your 2018 Financial Plan – A New Year, A New You!

2018 is right around the corner and I am fairly certain that money and financial planning is up there on people's list. "Save more, spend less" is going to be our #1 resolution for 2018. Are you financially ready for the new year? The question is not to scare you, but to prepare you for... Continue Reading →

Renting A House: How To Save Towards It

After you've considered the conditions around house, now ask yourself - do you have what it takes financially to pay the rent and keep surviving? This post is for two sets of people: The people who want to rent an apartment for the first time; and The people who have their apartment but still have to save up for next year's rent.

Be Financially SMART!

You have to learn to pen down realistic goals and actively work towards achieving them. Every established company or person out there today had at one time penned down their financial goals and it has worked and is still working for them. It's not easy, but as the saying goes, nothing good comes easy.

Ways To Enjoy Hangouts On A Budget!

Having a social life always costs money and can have negative effects on your finances and so this week I’d be walking you through some smart budgeting and planning guidelines to take better control over your spending.

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